Walt Mossberg Joins Fox Business, Shows Off His iPhone 3G

WSJ tech guru and new Fox Business channel talking head Walt Mossberg was on TV this morning talking about the new iPhone 3G, waving it around just to reiterate that he has one and all of us do not. He doesn't give us any new info on the device, but you do get to see the nerd king of gadget mountain holding your precious iPhone 3G two days before anyone else, so who are you to complain? Interesting positioning, thanks to Rupert Murdoch's recent acquisition of the Wall Street Journal. Look for Walt to show up on Fox Business on Thursday mornings starting on the 17th. [Ed note: Does Mossberg really need Fox news?]


Why would Fox promote a product thats profit will go Steve Jobs? He has donated hundreds of thousands to democratic election campaigns over the years (and only 1,000 to Republicans).

Also, funny how Karl Rove uses an iPhone despite his money being directly inserted into the liberal pockets of Jobs. I'll bet he's watching Fox News videos about how sweet he is. Either that or Walt Mossberg talk about the iPhone 3G and the new app store.


I'm sure Rove wouldn't mind seeing a free "big brother" app that would allow the government to not only listen to your calls without a warrant, but also track precisely where you are with the new GPS capability (getting two birds stoned at once). Everyone would download it, especially since the government invading innocent people's privacy is the best way to prevent terrorism. This would also eliminate the middle man (ATT), making the whole process a little more efficient.