Wan Love Yu Dog Shower Cleans Puppy Without Shampoo

One of the most harrowing experiences of owning a dog, I've found, is the act of bathing it. For some reason, dogs that were happy to jump in a pond or pool suddenly find themselves allergic to water come bath time. If shampoo getting into Rover's eyes is the problem, IDEC Corp.'s Wan Love Yu ("Dog Love Bath") dog shower system ensures that you can clean your pup with just water and micro bubbles.

Wan Love Yu's micro bubble technology can stably produce bubbles with a 20μm average diameter, that's roughly 600,000 bubbles in one square centimeter. The bubbles are negatively charged so that they attach to positively charged organic particles and lift them off. The result-foam that reaches way down into a dog's hair to dissolve dirt and grime.


The Wan Love Yu generator attaches to a regular hose in the bathtub, so it doesn't require any additional piping work. IDEC is planning on releasing Wan Love on June 20 in Japan for between $6,000 to $7,000. Though if that's the price for shampoo free doggy eyes, I say Fido ought to just suck it up and bathe the old fashioned way. [Fareastgizmos]

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