Wannabe Entrepreneur Has Never Heard of Electronic Post-Its

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In the years that Post-its have existed alongside laptops, there hasn't been a single alternative to pasting the sticky papers around screen bezels. Right? Not quite, but no one told that to this contestant on ABC's Shark Tank.

Leading us to believe that she has never used a Mac OS or Vista computer, which have sticky widgets baked in, her half a million dollar idea is to create "a sticky pad for sticky notes." Yes, the invention is a $10 board that attaches to the side of a laptop screen to hold Post-its in one central area.

In convincing the hosts to give her $100K for a 20 percent investment in her company, she evidences the fact that 56 million laptops will be sold in the U.S. this year alone. Ah yes, now it makes so much more sense. Someone please tell her each of those laptops are capable of downloading Post-it's very own software. [ABC's Shark Tank]