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We're looking for an experienced European or Night writer (someone in Asia/Australia might work too, if you're willing to work odd hours) to work on Gizmodo. Think that's you?


Remember, we need someone experienced. If you have no experience, this is not the position for you. We'll have wider calls later. If you apply now with no experience, that disqualifies you from any future job positions because we know you don't listen.

Now, here's what you need:

• Experience in tech writing, optimally in the UK, but elsewhere in Europe might work as well
• The ability to write fast and write coherently. We have very quick turnarounds, and you'll have to be able to churn a post out in minutes at the most. If this isn't you—and be honest, since you know yourself—this isn't the right job
• Self sufficiency. You'll be working alone most of the time, so you'll have to be able to manage your time and turn out X hours of posting a day.
• The ability to learn fast and take instruction.


This is a full time job, and you will receive full time compensation. Remember, we're looking for full time experience applicants only. If this is you, send in an email to with the subject "EU/Night/Asia writer" and a short resume. No attachments! Just paste everything into the email.

p.s. If you email me your application I will delete it.

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