Wasps are bastards

Science has confirmed that wasps are nature's biggest trolls, adapting to deal with aggressive ants by taunting them.


When invasive wasps came to New Zealand they had to battle with native acid-spraying ants for food sources, so the wasps figured out how to deal with their land-locked enemies. The wasps scoop the ants up and hurl them away from the food source. The more ants there are, the further the wasps throw them.

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For a creature the size of an ant, that's the equivalent of being hurled half a football field away.

But that's still not as creepy as the whole fig symbiosis thing.

Research published in the Journal of the Royal Society Biology Letters



When I was 11 I got the bright idea to throw a dirt clod at a wasp nest... Yeah...Needless to say I spent a few days covered in baking soda paste and ice after most of my body was completely bitten or stung. Now when I see a nest I take on a scorched earth policy toward them! I will burn my house down if it comes to it just to kill a nest of those little bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!