Watch a genius crow solve 8 complex puzzles in perfect order

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Meet 007. Not Bond but the bird. But they might just be as smart as one another because the crow can use tools to figure out complex puzzles just as well as a spy. Here's a crow taking one of the most complex tests for the animal mind ever created. If he succeeds, the BBC says it'll be a world's first. Spoiler: he figures it out.

Dr. Alex Taylor studies wild birds for 3 months at a time (he releases them to the wild after) and had shown 007 the puzzles individually before. This, however, is the first time the crow will see them arranged in this order and he needs to figure out in which order to solve them to be successful.

The BBC showed the crow surveying the puzzles and then getting to work. He jumps up and unties the short stick from the rope. He tries the short stick to reach the treat but realizes he needs a longer one. He then uses the short stick to pull out three individual rocks from three individual cages. When he looks like he's stumped over what to do with the rocks, he figures it out and uses the rocks as weights to retrieve the longer stick needed to score the snack.


He passed with flying colors (and a tasty treat). Birds are smart (that is scary). Watch him kick ass below:

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