Watch This Supercut of Empty Seinfeld Scenes In Which Nothing Happens

Bless you, LJ Frezza, whomever you are, for piecing together this glorious supercut of building exteriors and empty living rooms from Seinfeld. It's amazing how much time we spend looking at empty shots in which nothing is happening. Just a building and the sound of a couple of plunky notes played on a bass.

The scenes aren't entirely without purpose. After a few episodes, you grow to recognize the exterior and interior of Jerry's apartment. The lighting tells you the time of day. And even if a building doesn't look familiar, it gives you an idea of where in New York City the subsequent scene is going to take place.


As a whole, the six minute supercut is a wonderful catalog of New York City architecture. It makes me want to watch the episodes between all over again. [Twitter]

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