Watch a Murderous Quadrotor Drone Take a Hacky Sack Break

It's pretty clear by this point that a quadrotor drone's main mission is to fly through our windows and kill us in our sleep. But what do they do for fun? Just juggle a ball better than I ever could.


The Swiss cousin of UPenn's quadrotor assassin, this flying juggler blows off steam at Zurich's Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control. Specifically, in something called the Flying Machine Arena, which I imagine to be something like a quardotor Thunderdome. It's here that the bots practice things like "Adaptive High-Performance Maneuvers" and "Flying Inverted Pendulum," and all sorts of other weaponized-sounding moves.

All of which is to say: we're onto you, quadrotor. You can mesmerize us all you want with your ball-bouncing antics. But I'm well aware that one day that ball's going to be a grenade, and it'll be aimed right at my window. [IDSC via BotJunkie]


Mr. Pascal

Program the to play tennis next.