Watch a Raging Flood Devour an Entire Suspension Bridge

Monsoon season has been hitting Nepal hard. Al Jazeera reports that 64 people have died in floods and landslides, with 20 more missing and thousands forced to abandon their homes. The flooding is so bad that it’s washing away entire bridges.

This suspension footbridge in Butwal was among the longest in the country, according to Rishabh Shrestha who shot the video. Rushing waters eroded the base of the bridge causing it to collapse into the Tinau. The Himalayan Times report that police were attempting to rescue people on the riverbank just moments before the bridge fell.


Police claim that high water levels have put an additional 6,000 people in the area at risk while amateur videos show the Tinau leaping over flood barriers and rapidly eroding riverbanks. Search and rescue operations have been launched in almost 20 percent of the country’s districts.

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