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Watch a Railroad Bridge Turn into $10 Million Flaming Dominoes

Structure fires are never a good thing, but that doesn't mean they can't be damned impressive. Last Sunday, this railroad trestle in Texas caught fire, and when authorities decided it'd be too dangerous to fight, they just let it burn. The result is a spectacular show of what have to be some of the most dangerous dominoes in the world.


The unintentional fire-show ultimately cost about $10 million in damages, and while the resulting footage probably isn't worth quite that much, it's something to see. Especially the way the rails themselves fall like puny little wires. Fortunately the fire was contained to just the bridge, and no one was injured in the process. And as far as disasters go, this is a fun one to watch, relatively guilt-free. [KWTX via Reddit]

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I don't get why a wooden bridge costs $10 million.