Watch a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an iPhone 4S Compete in a "Get Dragged Behind a Car" Test

Samsung and Apple are going head to head in court right now, so doesn't it make sense for the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 4S to go head to head behind a speeding car? OK, maybe it doesn't follow, but it's fun to watch.

This is the first ever "Drag Race Scratch Test" in which YouTuber aperfectgalaxy submits both phones to dragging hell and sees which comes out the least demolished. On top of the whole phone-dragging thing, our host is delightful, even if his footage is jittery as hell and makes you feel like you've just had 16 cups of coffee too many. [YouTube via Redmond Pie]

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Eric Limer

I can't tell if this dude is totally winded the whole time, or just SUPER FUCKING EXCITED.