Watch a stone skip a world record 88 times across a lake

One of the two best feelings a kid can have is that immediate king of the world, I’ve got this life thing all figured out of learning how to skip a stone across a body of water (the other is the freedom of learning of how to ride a bike, I think). But that smug satisfaction of throwing rocks that jump like 2-4 times would be crushed if you knew the world record for skipping stones was 88. 88!


I mean. What. That’s unfathomable. How is that physically possible? What type of rock is it? What’s the salinity of the water? Can this be considered a superpower? Is this legal? Is there a special grip involved? How long do you have to practice to do this?

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Beach Zombie

My fondest memories of my youth were waking up early and going to Echo Lake on a pristine Saturday morning to fish with my dad. I’d spend an hour looking for just that perfect stone that was flat and would fit exactly in my hand for that awesome throw. Waiting for that moment when the surface of the lake was free of wind ripples at that perfect spot on the grassy shore that made the throwing angle you just knew would make a great skip. The overextended wind-up and letting it fly to see it go bounding off the surface of the lake. Followed closely by father’s bellowing, “STOP SCARING THE GODDAM FISH!!!”.