Watch a Weather Man Get Covered in What's Probably Raw Sewage

Look, if you're getting pelted in the face with bad-smelling, bad-tasting "organic material," maybe it's time to pack up and take it to the studio, yeah? Poor Tucker Barnes learned that the hard way in Ocean City, MD, where he got covered head-to-toe in sea foam probably caused by raw sewage backup from Hurricane Irene.

Sea foam is caused by a combination of strong surface winds and a mass of organic material in the ocean. Considering the backup to sewer runoff from the storm, the chocolatey hue of the foam, and the fact that no one on hand had ever seen anything like it, sewage is a pretty safe, very gross guess. [FOX via Gabe Rivera, NY Times]


Update: The Washington Post got in touch with Ocean City's communications manager, who issued a strong denial that the foam contained any sewage. Frankly, any communications manager whose city just went viral for maybe-sewage foam beaches is obviously going to come out swinging with righteous outrage, but that's the official word.

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