When you look at this film you know what lobsters must feel like. Looking at the sky above this golf course you can see the clouds literally roll over the sky like ocean waves. What causes these incredible waves to move across the sky?

These crazy rolling waves should be enough to convince people that they are all Atlanteans now. Anyone who has gone to the bottom of a pool or a lake or the sea and looked up knows exactly what these look like. Probably, anyone who lives near a mountain range also knows what these look like. This is the kind of thing that you see a lot if you live near an island, a mountain range, or any sudden, elevated piece of landscape. Air creeping along the ground encounters an obstacle and moves up and over it. As the air gains altitude, it loses heat, and any water vapor that was floating around in it condenses into droplets.


The droplets, and the air, then sink on the other side of the obstruction and the droplets evaporate again. Whenever the air flow over the hill, or island, is continuous, these clouds form and dissolve again and again. The continuous formation makes the entire sky into an oceanscape. It looks, as you can see, very cool.

Via Physics Central.