Watch How Slime Mold Smartly Crawls By Itself All Over Everything

Slime mold is fascinating, because though it’s only a single cell organism with no brain, it somehow stretches its tentacle-like fingers in a coherent pattern in search for food. This time lapse footage speeds up the process of that goopy crawl (in reality it only moves a few centimeters a day), but you get to see how the simple yellow slime eventually envelopes everything around it.

[BioGraphic via Atlas Obscura]


Can this thing be kept as a pet?

My cats keep dying, someone in the neighbourhood is poisoning them.

I got tonnes of lizard, but I don’t like those.

Roaches are disgusting...and they fly.

I’m no good with fish but Fish are good fried or steamed.

These looks nice to crawl about the lawn , trees or wall...