Watch Pixar's luminous, heartwarming short "La Luna" in its entirety

If you didn't catch Pixar's latest feature Brave in the theaters, you may have missed out on La Luna, Enrico Casarosa's stellar short about the moon's custodians: a young boy, his father, and his grandfather. Hit play and let yourself be transported to a magical world where you can sweep up the stars and a child must learn to find his own way.

Casarosa grew up in Genoa, Italy, with his father and grandfather, who rarely spoke to one another. He added bits of fictional inspiration to this real-world starting point: The Little Prince, the films of Hayao Miyazaki, Italo Calvino's "The Distance to the Moon," and Osvaldo Cavandoli's La Linea animated shorts. The end result is a heart-meltingly gorgeous piece of magical realism.

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[via The Animation Blog]


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