Watch Seattle Evolve and Grow in This Epic Three-Year Timelapse Shot From the Space Needle

Most timelapses condense a few hours or days into bite-size videos that make the world appear to fly by in fast-forward. But Ricardo Martin Brualla has created an aerial timelapse of Seattle that shows the city growing and evolving over three full years—and he didn’t even have to set up a camera himself.

The city of Seattle did most of the hard work, installing a high-def 360 panoramic camera atop the Space Needle years ago. Brualla simply had to capture two panoramas every day, giving him over 2,000 high-res images that he sequenced, stabilized, and then color-corrected (which is visualized in this how-to video) to smooth out abrupt changes in lighting and weather as the seasons came and went. The resulting timelapse is a fascinating and unique look at a city that’s one of the fastest growing in the country.


[YouTube via Hackernoon]

Correction, 4:05 p.m. EST/EDT: Brualla has reached out to us to clarify that the 360-degree camera (which you can view online here) was actually installed by the company that operates the Space Needle, not the city of Seattle.


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