Watch Stephen Colbert Break Down the Google-Bing Slapfight

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When multibillion dollar tech companies start throwing punches back and forth, where do you turn? The Colbert Report, obviously. Here's Colbert's funnier take on the already pretty ridiculous Google-Bing battle.


Quick recap: Google catches Bing copying search results, Bing sort of denies it, Google rejects the sort of denial, novelty mug. Which is how all epic feuds should end up, in my opinion. [Colbert Nation]

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Platypus Man

Guys, I'm missing something here. I kinda got it when they showed Google's page for a misspelled word redirected you to the correct version, but Bing's version omitted the spelling correction, but how does this one work? Logically, shouldn't Bing be able to index the hiybbprqag page just as well as Google, thus proving they both index the same sites? Or was the hiybbprqag page hard-coded to that keyword, but only through Google's systems, so Bing would have to steal Google's results to get the same connection?