Watch Team America And See How Much Our Geopolitics Haven't Changed

Yesterday we highlighted a slew of films that were leaving Netflix at midnight this morning. Don't even look at the list, I'd say, it's too painful; they're already long gone. However, Netflix has attempted to heal our wounds with a long list of additions, including the great Team America: World Police.


While you watch the trailer, go ahead and guess when this movie came out. I tried, and I was dead wrong. You guys, it's TEN YEARS OLD. Sadly, too many of the story lines are the same. Terrorism, check. Trouble in the Middle East, check. Okay, we've got a Kim Jong-un instead of an -il today, but they wear the same costume.

Yet Team America still manages to eloquently attack the U.S.'s role as "world police" with smart, stinging barbs. There are not enough good satires out there, and Team America has all the qualities that make a movie great.

Including puppet sex. Lots of puppet sex. [Netflix]



I love everyone who saw Team America reaction to the word 'America' changed permanently. I can't help but think to add 'FUCK YEAH!" to it whenever I read it or hear it.