Watch the Flaming Beauty of a Molotov Cocktail in Slow Motion

The unpredictable nature of fire makes for a pretty awesome dancing light show. The psychotic nature of a Molotov cocktail makes for a pretty dangerous way to start the fire to see that dancing light show. SO WHY NOT WATCH A MOLOTOV COCKTAIL EXPLODE IN SLOT MOTION. Yes, please.


The Slow Mo Guys (who else?) decided to toss a Molotov Cocktail and record its explosion and fiery burn in slow motion with a Phantom Flex at 2500 FPS and it sure is a beauty. Like seeing mother nature's crazy and unpredictable kid—that's what a Molotov Cocktail pretty much is—you should definitely watch it. [The Slow Mo Guys YouTube]

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Oh yes, I'd love to watch a molotov cocktail explode in SLOT MOTION!

Sounds intense.