About 24 hours from now, the European Space Agency's Rosetta probe will deliver a tiny lander to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as it rockets through our solar system. You can watch the whole thing live, right here.

The gadget-laden pod named Philae will touch down on the ridiculously huge comet (which also apparently sings) sometime around 11:00 am EST tomorrow (an earlier version of this story had the time wrong). While there's not much action at the Cologne-based command center quite yet, you can plan around the action with this schedule (which is all subject to change, of course). You can also follow the progress on Twitter.


Needless to say we've had a few setbacks in space exploration recently, so this first-ever opportunity to get up close and personal with a comet will be an awesome reminder of how important it is to stay vigilant in our quest to study space. [ESA]

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