Watch the World Trade Center's Spire Being Installed From the Spire's POV

On Friday the final piece of One World Trade Center was installed making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1,776 feet and the third tallest building in the world. So this is what vertigo feels like?

The footage was captured with a GoPro camera by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and is simply breathtaking. Some other notable facts about the spire and the tower itself, include the following:

Before today’s lift and installation, two crane operators climbed 195 feet to enter the crane’s cabin, which is equipped with additional safety cables that allow it to withstand up to 100 mph winds while it sits atop One WTC.

The two sections of the spire installed today stand 75 feet tall. The raw steel weighs just over 22 tons, but with the bolts, stairs, platforms, LED lighting elements and electrical components, the weight nearly doubles to almost 40 tons.

The spire will serve a state-of-the-art broadcast facility that will provide unparalleled transmission services for the region’s broadcast outlets. The Port Authority’s equity partner, The Durst Organization, will oversee construction and operation of the facility.

The beacon at the top of the spire contains 288 50-watt LED modules that produce a 288,000 lumens of light. Once the beacon is lit, it will be visible up to 50 miles on a clear night.


For so many reasons and to so many New Yorkers this was and forever will be a monumental moment.

[PANYNJ via Laughing Squid]

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You want vertigo?

I'll give you vertigo.

Though only 8 feet shorter, this fella climbs the entire length of a broadcast tower to change the lightbulb. The WTC guys had a nice little platform to stand on—this guy has about a 2x2 square to put the tips of his toes to rest upon.