Watch This Autonomous Mecha Fish Navigate a Kiddie Pool

Our brothers-in-arms over at Gizmodo Poland have stumbled upon something magical. Witness Mecha Fish, so named by me because it is a fearsome beast that navigates kiddie pools and cannot be tamed thanks to a kind of rudimentary Bluetooth echolocation.

Also, as you'll see at about 50 seconds in, Mecha Fish hates human hands. When some poor fool sticks his hand in the pool, the fish reacts suddenly, changing direction to avoid (eating) it.


The fish was just one of several exhibits on display in Warsaw this past Friday at an event hosted by the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements called "Night of the Robots." [Gizmodo Poland]


Doesn't matter what it is made of, the average life span of a fish at my house is still going to be 24 hours. One day, max, and it will be funeral flushed the same as all the others....