Watch This Badass Cameraman Make Crazy Jumps Off Buildings While Filming

Meet Gimbalninja. He’s a crazy athletic cameraman who somehow pulls off the same extreme stunts that the people he’s filming are doing—while filming them. This means he runs around doing parkour off structures and holding a camera mounted onto a gimbal rig all while he’s chasing down the other stuntpeople for the perfect shot. This behind-the-scenes footage of a Nike spot shows just how nuts it can get.

It starts with him hurdling the same course as the athlete he’s filming but gets even more intense when you watch him hop onto and through bamboo scaffolding that is just littered with gaps. It’s really impressive to see how extreme his stunts get while his finished footage remains stabilized and sleek.

And here’s the director’s cut of the spot that features the footage he shot:

[Gimbalninja, Martin Krejci via PetaPixel]

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Always amazed me watching mountain climbers, etc. going up steep mountains and then realizing “hey, not only is the guy filming doing the same stuff, but he’s doing it while basically making a documentary!”. Cool stuff—behind the scenes guys: we appreciate what you do!