Watch This Earthquake-Proof Desk Easily Shrug Off a 2,000 Pound Block

I don't live in a high risk area for deadly tremors, but after watching this earthquake-proof table easily survive having a 2,200 pound block dropped on it, I think I still want one for my office—just in case.

The table was designed by Ido Bruno and Arthur Brutter primarily for use in schools. Students are typically taught to hide under their desks in the event of an earthquake, but most desks aren't designed to support the weight of all the debris were the building to collapse. Which is clearly demonstrated in this video when they drop just a 1,000 pound weight on a traditional desk and it's immediately pancaked.

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In addition to providing a safe haven for students, the desk's supporting structure is designed in such a way that it also provides several escape routes depending on how debris has fallen. It's also light enough to be lifted by just two students, and is built with durable but inexpensive materials so it's actually affordable for a school to purchase en masse. Now it's not available just yet, but based on these tests being conducted at the Structural Engineering department at Padua University in Italy, it shouldn't have much trouble getting approved for sale. [designboom]

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One downside is that the 2 additional legs make it more difficult to get under the table as fast as a simple 4 legged table.

This would be fantastic to have in high risk areas. Heck, even low risk areas with high risk of aerial bombardments just before the zombie apocalypse!