Watch This Guy Sink a Record-Breaking 660-Foot Basketball Shot From Atop a Waterfall

From the free-throw line—a distance of just 15 feet—I can maybe put the ball in the basket about twenty percent of the time. I’m not NBA material, but the league might consider drafting the guys from YouTube’s How Ridiculous, who just nailed a seemingly impossible 660-foot basketball shot.


There isn’t a human alive who could throw a basketball that far (a football field is about half this distance) so the guys took advantage of the towering Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho, Africa, to pull off this trick shot. The group doesn’t mention how many missed attempts there were while they tried to snag this Guinness World Record, but they apparently spent six days at the falls so their shooting percentage was probably nothing to brag about.




Would there be a way to calculate the shot like a sniper would with curvature and wind sheer and what not, or would it literally be pure trial and error?