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Watch This Super-Powered Bike Shoot Flames Out of Its Handles

Illustration for article titled Watch This Super-Powered Bike Shoot Flames Out of Its Handles

Whatever you're pedaling, it's time to give it a stern, disappointed look. Because it just got obliterated by this flame-thrower strapping, ejector seated, caterpillar tracked monster. The BOND Bike, friends, leaves me shaken and stirred.


The working concept won't be up for sale—for reasons both legal and practical—pretty much ever, but it will be making an appearance at London's Cycle Show next week. It's a creation of, a UK insurer who incorporated the extreme elements to address its biking customers' most complaints. Cars passing too close? Hit 'em with a flame thrower. Bike thief? Wait until they find the ejector seat. Potholes? An all-terrain caterpillar track can handle that no problem.

Come on, Think carefully about this. You put so much effort into making the most kickass bike in creation. Wouldn't it be a shame not to set it loose in the wild? [Daily Mail]


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It's pretty badass...but I'll stick with the original.