Watching Hans Rosling explain the world with LEGO is a wonderful thing

Statistician Hans Rosling is about to explain the connection between global population growth, climate change and child mortality, in three minutes. With LEGO.


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Don't know who Hans Rosling is? You should probably watch this.

h/t Maria Popova


Corpore Metal

I love Hans Rosling. He makes supposedly dry stuff like statistical analysis, cool!

And I think it's cool that he just walks around with pebbles in his pocket to explain complex concepts briefly and succinctly.

And some people have accused him of being optimistic but if you really understand what he briefly describes, you'll understand the earthshakingly daunting challenge in front of us. We, in the postindustrial world, have to switch over to green energy sources, improve our efficiency and reduce our resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by at least twentyfold in order for the world to have enough to share for everyone's rising standards of living.