Watching This Dude Run Off Rooftops for Fun Made Me Almost Faint

Here’s a compilation of crazy runs, jumps, and parkour tricks from Oleg Cricket, a daredevil who was either born without fear or recently made into some sort of superhero. Hell, maybe even both. You can see him sprint and jump off the side of skyscrapers, flip and twirl over gaps between buildings onto the roof next door, and even jump down multiple stories from the balcony as if he were Spider-Man. Oleg is nuts (even when compared to other parkour guys) but he’s really, really good at what he does.


Just remember to breathe when you watch him go or you’re gonna faint.

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How do we know that everything we are seeing is as portrayed. The video is relatively low quality, and even with a modest budget it seems that a lot of this can be made to look like more than it really is. Not saying this guy is not a great athlete and is not pretty fearless, but I am skeptical about some of the more fantastic stuff on see on video. Most commentators here believe anything they see on video so likely I will get a lot of flack for expressing any doubts.