Watching This Man Have a Conversation With His 12-Year-Old Self Is Hilarious and Heartwarming

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In 1992, Jeremiah McDonald, a 12-year-old kid with a dog named Molly (!!) and a thing for Dr. Who, recorded himself talking to the man he would become 20 years in the future. Well, thanks to math and time, the future is now!

A precocious kid, Jeremiah grew up to be a slickly funny 32-year-old man with an appropriately deeper voice and––yes, still––a thing for Dr. Who.

It's pretty remarkable how 12-year-old Jeremiah recorded himself speaking in a way such that current Jeremiah is able to hold a two-way conversation with himself; this is not just a monologue about life as kid in the '90s.


Jeremiah 2012: "Why don't I ask you some questions?"

Jeremiah 1992: "You wanna ask me questions? You know about— You already know."

Jeremiah 2012: "Well, yeah, but life before the Internet's kiiinda a blur to me."


Jeremiah 1992: "What? Didn't quite catch that."

Jeremiah 2012: "The Internet. It's a thing that— You'll know what it is in a few years. It's gonna completely take over your life. You're gonna spend many hours sitting in a room, staring at a screen..."


Now, let's all go write trite emails to our future selves, using all our fave emoji :-/ [ViralViralVideos]