Watching This Man Have a Conversation With His 12-Year-Old Self Is Hilarious and Heartwarming

In 1992, Jeremiah McDonald, a 12-year-old kid with a dog named Molly (!!) and a thing for Dr. Who, recorded himself talking to the man he would become 20 years in the future. Well, thanks to math and time, the future is now!


A precocious kid, Jeremiah grew up to be a slickly funny 32-year-old man with an appropriately deeper voice and––yes, still––a thing for Dr. Who.

It's pretty remarkable how 12-year-old Jeremiah recorded himself speaking in a way such that current Jeremiah is able to hold a two-way conversation with himself; this is not just a monologue about life as kid in the '90s.

Jeremiah 2012: "Why don't I ask you some questions?"

Jeremiah 1992: "You wanna ask me questions? You know about— You already know."

Jeremiah 2012: "Well, yeah, but life before the Internet's kiiinda a blur to me."

Jeremiah 1992: "What? Didn't quite catch that."

Jeremiah 2012: "The Internet. It's a thing that— You'll know what it is in a few years. It's gonna completely take over your life. You're gonna spend many hours sitting in a room, staring at a screen..."


Now, let's all go write trite emails to our future selves, using all our fave emoji :-/ [ViralViralVideos]


Wow, in the present, its really all about self.

I prefer a different narrative. An older self, imagining a conversation with himself years before. A mature person trying desperately to impart wisdom to himself so he wont turn out so bad. I am talking about the Morgan Freeman character in Shawshank Redemption, when he goes in from of the parole board for the 40th time. Great films have an honesty and truth about themselves, whats posted above is a contrivance with out any truth. I guess I ask too much from the internet.