Watchmen Movie Keeps It Real

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Zack Snyder's Watchmen will keep much of the darkness in Alan Moore's comic, judging from Jeffrey Dean Morgan's angst over playing the Comedian. Morgan, who sports a mustache and icky hair for the role (see photo), has a hard time with some of the Comedian's "morally neutral" ways. There are days that the Grey's Anatomy star finds it a "stretch" to make the rapist and mass-murderer likeable. Or maybe he's just trying to compete with Heath Ledger's Joker angst. [Superherohype]

Heavy Lost spoilers, and a new Nicholas Cage project, after the jump.


Our heroes on Lost break up into two opposing teams at the start of season four, led by Locke and Jack. Sawyer joins Team Locke, but reading between the lines, it sounds as though Kate joins Jack's squad, but Jin and Sun stay neutral. Meanwhile, Ben stays a step ahead of everybody else, including the crew of an incoming vessel. And the show is casting a group of "fluent Franco-Tunisian actors" for episode eight or nine.

Here are some pics from Lost season four, which don't seem to reveal much. And don't forget, season four will feature "flash forwards" instead of flashbacks. [E! Online]

Meanwhile, ABC is having a dispute with its affiliates over whether to air Lost at 9 (a better ratings slot) or 10 (when it can help local news broadcasts). And the show's producers want ABC to hold off on airing it at all, since they weren't able to finish the season. Apparently, the last script they have ends with a cliffhanger that would be fine for one week, but would drive the fans crazy if it lasted months. [SyFy Portal]

Nicholas Cage will star in the spooky-ass Knowing, about a teacher who unearths a prophetic time capsule at his son's elementary school. The capsule, buried long ago, predicts events that have already happened. And it says the world will end that week, and Cage and his son are somehow involved. Alex Proyas (i robot) will direct. In other words: save the kindergarten, save the world. [Variety]

The live-action Jetsons movie will be (maybe excessively) true to the TV show, with lots of cute little plots like George Jetson inventing a dog-walking helmet and Elroy getting space-bullied at school. And lots and lots of in-jokes involving futuristic micro-ipods and MySpace in virtual reality. The Jetsons is still stuck in development, with no director or stars yet. [IESB]


Finally, Batman seems to be overcompensating for his new brassiere by zooming around on a really small motorcycle. [Slashfilm]


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