Wave Hello To Guest Blogger Marc Bernardin

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This week io9 welcomes superpowered guest blogger Marc Bernardin, who will be contributing a handful of posts on pop culture - from the perspective of a critic and a creator.


Here is his official bio:

Marc Bernardin has had a somewhat scattershot career that has included tours of duty as a private investigator (okay, a very short tour), an award-winning screenwriter, a managing editor of Starlog magazine, and a consulting editor for Fangoria magazine. Most recently, he was a senior editor for Entertainment Weekly and EW.com. He's currently a comic book writer, having co-authored — with Adam Freeman — Monster Attack Network (AiT/Planetlar), The Highwaymen (Wildstorm), Push (Wildstorm), Pilot Season: Genius (Top Cow), and The Authority (Wildstorm). Some of those books are being adapted for the screen, while others are content to look quite handsome on a shelf. All of the following are true: He has sat in Captain Kirk's chair, shaken Miranda Zero's hand, and been flipped off by Lucy Lawless.

Thanks for joining us, Marc! We're honored to have you geeking out with us.

Look for a post from Marc every afternoon this week.


Meredith Woerner

Marc is the best, we're super happy to have him. His ruminations on man-crushing Nathan Fillion are the things dreams are made of.