We Like This PS3 Specifically Because It Has Nothing To Do With Steampunk

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We're totally over the steampunk movement. Seriously guys, give it a rest. But this moisturegoon PS3 is really something special.

Outfitted with a wood veneer finish and brass detailing, this Damnation Timberclad PS3 is clearly a member of the anti-steampunk movement known in some circles as vaporhood, waterprick, condensationjerk or aquaramones.


The modification leaves the system's internals uncracked, meaning that this PS3 has an intact warranty (though mailing it back to Sony in this condition is not necessarily recommended). We'd hate to see them replace the custom ‘Liquid Iron' and 'Liquid Rust' treated disc bay with *shudder* black plastic. [Brass Goggles via bbg]

John Herrman's knowledge of the anti-steampunk movement was critical to this post.