We Prefer Our Aliens With Two Legs, Green And Hot, Apparently

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If there's one thing that this week's comments have taught me, it's that you kids aren't very excited about groundless speculation about the new Star Trek movie - unless we're talking about sexy green alien women. Gangly legs and sexy gamma gams are the topics for rediscussion under the jump.


On Tuesday, Annalee suggested that there may be some connection between the monster glimpsed during the latest Trek trailer and Cloverfield's unnamed Metropolis Muncher. This didn't seem to go down too well with you lot, especially twDarkflame:

this is incredibly stretching it.
Ones a generic space worm, the others a generic land monster. 
The space one at least has some originality too it.
The arrangement of the limbs isnt that common.
Cloverfield was a real disapointment design wise, 5 minutes in Spore would give you something more unique.

UgoKinza was even more dismissive:

They are designed by the same person, and like all the other production design in the movie, it looks rushed, unoriginal, and completely forgettable. But if you liked Cloverfield, you probably aren't very discerning.


As someone who really liked Cloverfield, I have only one thing to say. And that is "Oh yeah? Yeah? Well, your mother isn't very discerning!"


Others cared more about why the monster looked that way, as opposed to whether Cloverfield sucked or not:

Aethelred: "Somebody has issues with 'female parts,' I think."

MarlboroTestMonkey7: "w/teeth, indeed."

choptop: "Sweet shit, who do you know that has 'female parts' like that?! RUN AWAAAAYYYYY!!!!!"

Craysh: "I could name a couple of ex-girlfriends. Though it was more spiritual vagina teeth than physical ones. >.>"


The problem with Trekmon, of course, is that it's not a sexy green alien woman. Lauren write about the lure of those green goddesses earlier this week, and suddenly a million fetishes came to light:


VirusWithShoes: "Oola's boob popping out in my original VHS of ROTJ made me a fan of green women for life. Shame she was Rancor fodder, but we've all been in the same situation at some point in our lives."

meirelle, Commander Closet Commie: "Green women are hot. Especially Twi'leks.

And this is coming from a straight woman."

gorehound: "i loved the TOS orion slave girl. she was my 1960's kiddie fantasy. guess all of us males are attracted to the orion slave girls."

twDarkflame: "Dot Matrix AND She-Hulk? This article I like."

evildead1971: "amazon women are hot... green amazon women are HOT!"

What makes these comments especially satisfying for all of us here at io9 is the fact that Lauren Davis is, herself, a green amazon woman; that particular post was something close to her heart because, as she wrote it, she hoped that maybe - just maybe - this one small blog post would break past the world's quiet prejudice against the emerald hued amongst us... and your response made her Thanksgiving. Pat yourselves on the collective commenter back for a second - and then work on doing the same next week, when I post my long awaited "Whiney White Guys - Where's The Love?" essay.




if lauren is a green amazon... are you free friday night?