Web Warriors Reminds Me Why I Loved Spider-Verse In Just One Goofy Moment

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Earlier this year, Marvel brought together countless Spider-heroes from across its vast comic book multiverse for Spider-Verse, a crossover event that was equal parts dimension-hopping adventure and love letter to the insane, wonderful Spider-Man canon. Web Warriors opens with a scene that’s equally joyful.

Spoilers ahead for Web Warriors #1, by Mike Costa, David Baldeon, and Jason Keith.


Web Warriors pretty much picks up exactly where Spider-Verse ended months ago. Billy Braddock, the British Spider-Man of the destroyed Earth-833 decides to stay behind at the Web that links all Spider-heroes together and police the alternate dimensions left without Spider-Men or Spider-Women after they perished during Spider-Verse. He’s joined by a whole host of other heroes: Spider-Girl Anya Corazon, Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy (she of Spider-Gwen fame), Spider-Man Noir, Paviitr Prabhakar the Spider-Man of India. Earth-2’s Mayday Parker, and Peter Porker, the spectacular Spider-Ham.

This multiversal mashup is already enough of a delight, but it’s the setting of the Web Warrior’s new training exercises that makes this first issue such a hoot: Billy decides the team needs a place they can practice against live foes, but experience minimal injury or threat...


So he takes them to Earth-3015: The world of the classic, incredibly goofy, and now incredibly memetic 1960’s Spider-Man cartoon. And yes, they beat the incompetent villains in seconds, leaving them as gifts for the animated Spider-Man. It’s a delight to see this Earth again after its all-too-short appearance in Spider-Verse, but it serves as a reminder of just how ridiculous and fun that event was, and how well it embraced so many different aspects of the Spider-Man universe. Web Warriors manages to top the animated world’s appearance in Spider-Verse in terms of incredulous silliness in just a couple of panels though:


If you’re not familiar with what makes this so goofy, here’s a (moderately NSFW) link for you to catch up on.

This is the exact kind of complete, multiversal dumbness that I loved as a Spider-Man fan in Spider-Verse, and I am so glad it’s just as prevalent in Web Warriors. When can we get an appearance by Leopardon again?