After the recent spate of celeb nude leaks, and the years-long Snowden saga, privacy is becoming an ever-hotter topic in the tech realm. That's where WEDG, a personal cloud that aims to keep your data safe โ€” and out of the reach of the government โ€” comes in.

WEDG is basically a personal server, that offers most of the functionality of cloud services, but without having to trust your personal information to a mysterious server (and without the monthly payments, either). At heart, WEDG is an external harddrive with 512-bit encryption, but its internet-connected capabilities let it enact all the fuctionalities of Google Drive or Dropbox. Basically, it's a cloud alternative that'll keep your data under the mattress.


At the moment, WEDG is crowdfunding through Indiegogo, with the basic package starting at $360. For a terabyte of cloud storage โ€” especially storage that you don't have to pay a monthly fee for โ€” that's not a bad deal. On the other hand, using a WEDG system means that if your nudes get stolen, you've only got yourself to blame. [Indiegogo via TR]