Welcome to the New Gizmodo Dot Com

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You’re not just seeing things due to lack of sleep and an overwhelming news cycle. Gizmodo dot com now looks a whole lot different! I know, I know—change sucks. But don’t stress. It’ll be fine—better than fine, in fact, as our redesigned homepage makes it easier to quickly find the wide array of news, reviews, features, videos, and more that we publish every day. And for those of you who liked things the way they were, we have you covered there, too.


So, what’s changed? The first thing you’ll likely notice is a slew of new sections for everything from gadget reviews to our verticals, like io9, Earther, Science and Paleofuture. Thanks to new customization our crack engineering team added to the backend, we can add story blocks (we call them modules) for anything we want, from major product announcements to our ongoing coverage of the protests against police violence and the coronavirus pandemic. We can now easily resurface crowd favorites and make sure our deep-dive reporting stays front and center. You’ll see us experiment with modules for things like theme weeks and ongoing coverage of a particular topic, making it easier for you to find stories on those subjects. Basically, it gives us a lot more flexibility.

Our top stories are still, well, at the top, and we’ll keep that looking fresh throughout the day. The reverse-chron blog feed you’re used to now lives in the Latest section, which has a dedicated module as well as its own page, which you can bookmark if that’s the Gizmodo experience you prefer.

What won’t change is what we do every day: bring you the latest and best in tech, science, entertainment, environmental news, and more. We’re still the Gizmodo you know and love, only with a better homepage. We’re confident all of this will make the time you spend on Gizmodo better and more informative, but if not, we want to know. Give us your feedback in the comments, and we’ll keep making tweaks to make the experience better.

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Yes, I love having to click “Latest” every single time I go to your site.