Welcome To Weekend Short Story Club. You Will Be Assimilated.

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The main problem with a book club, of course, is getting the book. Even in this iPad/Kindle era, it still costs money to get the darn thing. But with Weekend Short Story Club, we're taking the free culture route.


We'll be focusing solely on short stories that are available for free on the internet. There's no real end to the list of possible sources- author websites, Project Gutenberg, personal blogs, BSSF, whatever. We're going to try and take advantage of this deep, untapped pool as much as possible with a wide variety of selections. Everything from Isaac Asimov (who we're starting off with) to the weird Star Wars fanfic your roommate posted on Tumblr last night is fair game. We're loosely defining 'short story' as a piece under 10,000 words, but that's the only rule. Will it get weird? Hopefully.

Leave a suggestion for future story in the comments; we want this to be as participatory as possible!

To keep things moving, we'll be going at one story a week. We'll talk about each story in the comments, just like with the monthly io9 book club. We're starting with one of the all-time classics, Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question." See you next week!


April 17th- "The Last Question" - Isaac Asimov, 1956

April 24th- "Above It All" - Robert J. Sawyer, 1997

May 1st- "Tideline" - Elizabeth Bear, 2007

May 8th- "Tio Gilberto and the Twenty-Seven Ghosts" - Ben Francisco, 2010 (audio only, text link coming soon)

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J.D. Buffington

Not to whore myself out here (I am a writer, after all, I won't gain readership unless I do!), but if anyone's interested I have some of my older material online for free at [scribd.com] (there's also a link in my "profile"). Please note, these are older samples of my writing, I am currently working on my first novel while writing more short stories in fits of "writer's block." I wish to become a professional writer someday. Someday. Just throwing it out there!