We're getting closer and closer to the Dancing Groot toy of our dreams

Everybody still wants Groot! With Funko's baby Groot bobblehead as the first official Licensed toy based on GOTG's delightful ending scene, we were one step closer to the all-singing, all-dancing toy tree we never knew we wanted - and we're about to get even closer to that with this new model from Dragon Studios.


The 7-inch 'life sized' model comes from Dragon's line of Comic Book Action heroes 'Vignettes' - pre-painted, snap together model kits designed for easy display. Using the 3D scans from the movie itself, Dragon have captured Lil' Groot in all his Jackson-5-swaying glory:

Okay, so we've gone from stylised bobblehead to actual film-accurate model, but we've not quite got to 'sways around to I Want You Back like the most adorable little twig on the planet' yet - but we're getting there! Come on Marvel, there's plenty of cashola to be made from such a toy. You know it. We know it. Just do it already!

Dragon's Baby Groot Vignette is due for release this November, and will retail for $80.


[Dragon Models]

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