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We're Hiring a Deal Master

Illustration for article titled Were Hiring a Deal Master

Gawker Media is hiring a tech writer to be Gizmodo's new Dealzmaster (or commerce specialist). That means we're looking for someone to write and curate Dealzmodo.


As Dealzmaster, your beat is buying things. That means you should be a strong writer who is also an amazing shopper, and you can differentiate between what's a solid deal and what's worth passing on. Yes, you have to know a lot about consumer technology. And yes, you'll be helping to grow revenue by working with affiliate companies to track deal success. First, ask yourself:

  • Can you stack coupon codes on coupon codes to find the best deal?
  • Are you a writer with an online track record?
  • Do you have strong opinions about gadgets?
  • Can you juggle some easy numbers?

If you answered yes to all three questions, we're looking for you. Check out the whole application here: [Commerce Specialist, Gizmodo]


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So.. I've always wondered.. which movie is that screen cap from.. the post image that is.. ?

anyone.. any clue ?