Whaddya Mean Ford's Not Actually Gonna Sell This Wicked E-Bike?!

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Ford recently unveiled the world's first front-wheel-drive electric bicycle at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Huzzah! Then they promptly explained that this concept will never make it to the showroom floor. Oh Ford, you're such a tease.

The E-bike concept uses a trapezoidal frame profile made from a carbon-aluminum alloy that weighs just 2.5 kg. It's propelled either by a Carbon Belt Drive System connected to the pedals or from an electric motor in the front hub and powered by a Li-Ion battery housed in the frame. Magnetorestrictive sensors—typically found in Formula One racecars—in the inner hub measure the wheel's revolutions and transmit that data to an on-bard controller that instantly activates and deactivates the electric motor to actively assist the rider while his cadence and power output. The E-bike concept has a top speed of 25km/h and an estimated range of 85km. Or at least it would if Ford hadn't already put the kibosh on ever producing them. [Ford]

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Classic example of why US car companies are on the ropes- no understanding of the market for their products.

If you want something to move your fat, lazy, American ass around, why do you try to make it look like a bicycle? Put some wheels on a Barcalounger and revel in your sloth! You'll have room for a cooler to keep 44oz Mountain Dews as frigid as your wife. You can even install a microwave oven to heat up a slice of pizza now and then.

Or maybe I'm reading this wrong. Is the bike to be carried in the car so that when it inevitably breaks down you can ride to safety/help?