What 2000 Calories of Food Actually Looks Like

Inspired by WiseGeek's what 200 calories of food looks like, BuzzFeed made a video that extrapolated those calories into 2000. Which would roughly be the amount of calories you should be eating on a given day plus or minus a few hundred (though who the hell would eat 2000 calories of the same food, right). The best bang for your buck? Carrots and bacon. Maybe chicken nuggets too. Definitely not anything from Cinnabon. [BuzzFeed]

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So, why 2000? Instead of showing people a two day's supply of calories, let's show them a healthy daily supply of calories, around 1000. I'm 6'0, 145 lbs. and according to a fitness app, my recommended calorie supply is 1,100. Pretty easy to maintain, actually, it's actually more calories than I used to consume before using the app, haha.