Lego have released an online catalogue detailing upcoming sets in 2015 - including a first look at images of the new tie-in sets for Avengers: Age of Ultron. What can we learn about the movie among all the brick-based Lego goodness?

The German version of the catalogue was released on Lego's servers overnight, and has a bunch of new sets for next year, but the real interest is in our first look at the first 6 sets based on the upcoming Avengers sequel:


We've known the names for a while, but this is out first look at them, and there's a lot of little interesting tidbits about the movie to be learned. Let's go set by set and see what we can find! Spoilers ahead...

Iron Man vs. Ultron


Although it's named Iron Man vs. Ultron, this small set doesn't actually come with Ultron at all - according to the catalogue, the robot drones included are a 'Sub-Ultron Officer' and two 'Sub-Ultron Soldiers'. This might be a quirk of the German naming here, but it's still interesting to note, as is the strange contraption the Ultron soldier is flying. Does Ultron's drone army build themselves a bunch of attack vehicles too?

Also of note is that the Iron Man including in this set is specifically called the Iron Man Mk. 45 - the suit we've seen in the trailers so far (and turned into a fancy new Hot Toys figure) is the Mk. XLIII, or 43. Looks like Tony loses a few suits fighting off Ultron.

Hulkbuster Rescue Mission


Brick built Hulkbuster! Heck yeah. Also, a new version of the Hulk plus-sized minifigure that's closer to the colours and look of the movies is making its début - as is a Scarlet Witch figure.

The interesting note about this set is its name - it's a rescue mission. It looks like the Hulk gets trapped by Ultron, and somehow Tony needs the Hulkbuster to free him. Or given the presence of Ultron in the set, is the Hulkbuster under Ultron's control - leading to the fight we see in the trailer?


Also interesting is the Ultron figure included in this set. He's labelled as 'Ultron Prime', and has a different head and colour scheme to the more human-looking Ultron we see at the end of the trailer. We've seen it before though - it's the Ultron that graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. It looks like this truer-to-the-comics design is just one of the few Ultrons we'll get throughout the film.

The Avengers Quinjet Chase


LEGO VISION OH MY GOD. We've had plenty of snippets giving us a look at Vision's movie appearance, and now here he is in Lego. Look at those colours! Also interesting for Vision seems to be the set's implication that the Quinjet is, err... dragging him out of the van that Ultron is holding on to. Does Ultron kidnap Vision at some point in the movie, necessitating this chase?

Also to note that this is the Ultron we see throughout the first trailer - and he's designated as 'Ultimate Ultron'. Presumably then he's the villain's final, most prominent form.

Burglary At The Hydra Fortress


There's not really much new in this set, other than a better look at the new Hulk figure and the new Quicksilver figure. As he does at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Baron Strucker has got his hands on Loki's tesseract-powered staff. Presumably, this 'Burglary' is one of the movie's opening setpieces. Is Quicksilver simply escaping during the Avenger's attack on Hydra, or is he helping them?

Duel With Hydra


Likewise, not much to say about this Thor and Hawkeye-starring set either, other than it looks like Tony bankrolled a nice new Jeep for the team to truck around in.

Raid On The Avengers Tower


Looks like we're finally getting Tony's tower as a Lego set, hooray! The 'raid' itself looks like it comes after the broken down Ultron confronts the Avengers while they celebrate together. We get the battered Ultron, his third variant across the sets, and two 'Iron Legion Accomplices', presumably similar to the broken early versions of Ultron Marvel has shown - but what we should point out is that one of the Iron Legion drones is carrying Loki's staff. So it looks like, chronologically at least, the Avengers attack Hydra, return to Avengers Tower for drinks, and then Ultron crashes the party, escaping and taking the Tesseract-staff with him. Maybe he uses it to mind-control Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch into joining him?

The Lego Avengers: Age of Ultron sets will all be out in April of next year, ahead of the movie's May release. Any other things you can find looking at these Lego sets? Let us know in the comments!

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