What Aging from 1 Year Old to 102 Years Old Looks Like and What It Means

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Aside from the science of aging and how faces get wrinkled and joints get creaky, there are also the hidden costs of aging too. Like how many times we went to the doctor's or how many calories we've eaten or how much money we spend on healthcare and when. This video shows what it means to age, by revealing people ranging from 1 year old to 102 years old and the statistics of aging.

Being human is pretty cool. The Hidden Costs video says:

At 70 you'll have been alive for over 25,000 days, and been asleep for more than 8k of them. You'll have eaten 86 million calories talked for over 2 years watched over 2 million commercials and gotten sick or injured over 300 times. The average amount spent on US healthcare over a lifetime is 316k. One third spent in middle age and half during our senior years. So as we discover new methods for living longer we'll need to develop new means in which to pay for the luxury of it. Just think: At 5, one year was 20% of your life at 50 it's just 2%.


The wonderful footage of humans aging from 1 to 102 starts around the 1:30 mark of the video. [Hidden Costs via Insurance Quotes via Laughing Squid]