What Are Your Hopes for Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie?

This Oscar winner is making a Star Wars movie.
This Oscar winner is making a Star Wars movie.
Photo: Rachel Luna (Getty Images)

The week’s biggest news so far came Monday, when Disney made its latest announcements about the previously uncertain future of Star Wars. There’s another Disney+ show coming from Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland and a new movie coming from writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns and director Taika Waititi.


Waititi, of course, is the biggest name there. The What We Do in the Shadows and Thor: Ragnarok director is coming off an Oscar win for his latest film, Jojo Rabbit, and directed arguably the best episode of The Mandalorian. His work always has a very unique tone blending humor with heart and, frankly, it feels pretty outside of what we know as Star Wars.

Which is exciting, of course. After the Skywalker Saga, fans are eager for the franchise to open up its wings and fly to new heights. Explore crazy new worlds filled with soon to be iconic new characters. And Waititi obviously has that in him, especially with the talents of Wilson-Cairns helping fly the ship.

We have questions though. Such as: What do you want from this movie? Do you want it to be pure Taika, with plenty of awkward humor? Will Lucasfilm even allow that after what happened with Phil Lord and Chris Miller? Should it be its own movie, standing alone from other stories, or the start of a new series? Also, though he has to make Thor: Love and Thunder first, are you more excited for that or this?

Plenty of things to talk about and we urge you to do just that below.

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That it’ll be like the prequels, but good.

Like, am I the only one who thought the new movies were pretty boring from a visual standpoint? Hardly any big cities, apart from Canto Bight and Kijimi (and the one shot of the Senate capital before it got blown up). Hardly any new spaceships that weren’t variants of older designs. Even the aliens were a dull, uninspired lot, with surprisingly few legacy species like the Rodians or Twi’leks. Every other planet a desert, snow, or forest/jungle world. It was nice to see oceans and beaches finally in a Star Wars movie, but even those got old after a while.

I don’t miss the bad acting or wooden dialogue from the prequels, but I do miss the colorful spaceships and creatures, and the weird exotic worlds. Star Wars doesn’t have to look like it was made in the ‘70s anymore. I don’t understand why the designs in the new movies have to be so bland and monochromatic.