What Awful Sadist Demanded A Sequel To The Cell?

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Psychic detective Maya goes inside a killer's mind... only to see an image of the killer, in the real world, injecting her with something nasty, in The Cell 2. "Nooooooooo!" She screams. Maybe she's watching the same movie we are.

Who demanded a sequel to Tarsem Singh's The Cell? Whoever it was, he or she is even more sadistic than The Cusp, the serial killer/paramedic who keeps bringing his victims to the brink of death and then reviving them. It's mostly standard torture porn, only with the same psychic crap as the first movie. And there's this great snippet, where the serial killer turns her psychic powers back on her, using them to destroy her childhood memories somehow.

The Cell 2 came out on DVD a couple of days ago, so you know what you have to do.