So The Hobbit is out today, and if you're a megafan, maybe you saw it at midnight, or maybe you're seeing it tonight. Or maybe you took off today to see it nine times in a row and are about to collapse in a pool of human waste. If you saw it, or if you're going to see it, you've probably heard about (or will notice) a big change in the way it was shot. Specifically, The Hobbit is shot at 48 frames per second, and everyone's freaking out.

We've talked about why the change in framerate matters before, but in short, raising the framerate from the standard 24fps can detract from the "cinematic" feel, and make the movie feel more like a video. Reactions from critics have been mixed—some say it makes things much clearer, and some say it looks like a cartoon.


I saw the movie in 3D at 24fps this past Monday, but am anxious to see it at 48fps to see how it compares. Let us know what you guys think of the new look. And hey, throw in thoughts about the movie while you're at it, too.