What Do the Neighbors Think of This Glass-Walled House?

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Bilzen is a small, quiet city near the eastern border of Belgium. Its streets are lined with 17th and 18th Century buildings and modest homes. And then there's Bassam El-Okeily's glass-fronted Narrow House. Don't forget to wear your robe.

The three-story Narrow House, a collaboration between Brussels-based architect Bassam El-Okeily and Karla Menten, has a glass facade behind which there are two balconies lit with various colors. It makes the people standing there at night look pretty creepy.


But the inside's a different story; white and sparse and surprisingly huge, it's missing chunks of wall and ceiling which allow the little sunlight that makes it past the solid balconies to fill the entire space. The second floor is a living space; the third is an artist's studio.

A beautiful home, but I wonder how the neighbors feel about their street getting a permanent house-sized nightlight. More shots at Designboom. [Designboom]