What Do You Hate Most About Your Mobile Network?

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The Matrix Google has plans to offer its own wireless carrier program through Project Fi, which would (in theory) save people money and offer more flexibility. The reason something like Project Fi is greeted with a clamor of interest is that most of us are unhappy with our current options. Let’s commiserate.


I am long overdue a phone upgrade and a switch to a better provider with more coverage, because at current I’m using Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile USA’s 4G products run off of Sprint’s network, which is nothing to write home about. I’ve been in several situations where friends have the same phone model but a different carrier, and they’re watching videos and livestreaming and surfing three social media apps in the time it takes a GIF to load for me. I was once trapped on an extended rural wedding weekend with no coverage at all, and started to go into withdrawal. Everyone else’s phones seemed to work.

Worst of all, I often hit my data ceiling mid-month, and then my nightmare sets in: Virgin strangles the feed so that looking at an app that loaded just fine yesterday becomes a chore reminiscent of old dial-up speeds. Sometimes I would rather have no connection at all than that slow, terrible tease.

The advantage of Virgin Mobile’s plan when I signed up, however, is that it was much more affordable than other plans at the time, and the price point meant more to me than GIF loading. Also, without a long-term contract, I can cancel and switch over to another service at any time — and I appreciate not being shackled.

Every plan seems to come with similar trade-offs — and most of us find something to loathe about the one we’re in. I’m curious about what service you’re signed on with, and what you would change about it first if you could.

What are you dealing with where you are? International folks, do we have it good here in the U.S. or are you laughing every day at our cellular angst?


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I’m on Verizon. I live on the 35th floor of a highrise in midtown Manhattan. I get very poor coverage. They’ve explained it to me that the signals don’t travel well vertically. They tell me I can pay for the microcell which if you know anything about is an utter joke of a product. So forget coverage elsewhere in the world, I can’t get coverage from what’s generally the best or tied for the best provider in midtown Manhattan, which is the city and borough where the company in question is based.