What Do You Miss Most About the Early Days of the Internet?

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Nostalgia is making a come back, specifically warm and fuzzy feelings about the internet's early years. Influences of Web 1.0 can be seen in new apps from Facebook and Ello's stripped-down design and call for an ad-free social network. But what do you miss from those early years of web surfing?


Since the internet became fully commercialized in the U.S. around the mid-90s, the world wide web as we know it has changed dramatically, in most ways for the better. (I can't imagine many are nostalgic about that image posted up above). But in those early years, the internet felt free, where anonymity was king and data-served ads weren't being shoved in your face every possible second. It also had its own advantages.

What are some things you actually preferred in those early days of the new digital frontier? Maybe it's a certain website, the lousy-yet-nostalgic web design or something as simple (and relatively recent) as a time when YouTube was ad-free. Ahhh, those were the days.


Dennis Mersereau

The excitement of getting an email. I don't remember at what point it went from a novelty to "ugh," but it was probably around when I signed up for more news/weather alerts than a middle schooler needed.